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Recently, I was faced with an overwhelming task. I had been appointed as Conservator for my father. One of the tasks facing me was to sell his home in Goleta, CA. My father had lived alone for decades and allowed his house to fall into such disrepair that it was uninhabitable. I had nine days to clean out the house and get it listed for sale.

I live in a small town in Northern California where I run a small business. Deals here are still made with a handshake and your reputation is absolutely the key to your success. You encounter your clients and business peers on a regular basis. One bad deal or doubt in your integrity will ruin your business.

I didn’t believe my father’s house was worth much because of the many issues it had. I started interviewing realtors, but they didn’t seem optimistic. By chance, I called Sheila Siege and within minutes knew she was going to help me be successful with this sale.

I met with Sheila and she was not intimidated by the condition of the house as other realtors were. She laid out a plan which was reasonable. She assured me she could market the house even with it’s critical issues and get qualified buyers at a price which was far more than I originally expected. Sheila was also able to explained to me how she could help buyers obtain financing for a property in the condition my father’s house was in. It was clear I was dealing with a well informed, motivated and intelligent professional.

Sheila brought me several offers within days. She was working evenings and weekends – a true “go getter.” She helped me set the asking price at the appropriate amount so as to attract real buyers. The price was not too high as to scare off buyers or too low and limit the income from the sale of the house. The offer I accepted was about 6% below the asking price and had no conditions which would cost the estate any additional fees. The house closed 20 days after the listing date! Sheila met and exceeded the expectations I had given her including the minimal net proceeds and time of sale.

With all this said, I enthusiastically and without any reservations recommend Sheila Siegel. I have no doubts about her abilities or integrity. She says what she does and does what she says! Sheila showed she has professional values and abilities which are equal with the best.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me. I’m available seven days a week.

Todd Miller 530-737-7463

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Sheila was fantastic. Because I was purchasing property from out of town, it was imperative that I have a broker who would be on top of all listings and be able to understand what I’m looking for so that we can make the best use of the time when I was in the area. She was patient, knowledgeable and responsive, and I always felt comfortable and confident in her hands. I wound up with a place that I love and the process really was smooth and easy.

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Sheila was absolutely wonderful to work with! She was great with working with the numbers I had, showed excellence in response time, and made the process quick and painless! I would most certainly reccomend anyone who was looking to buy a home to work with Sheila!

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Choosing Sheila as our realtor to help us buy our first home was one of the first and best decisions my new husband and I made together. Sheila is very professional, easy (and fun!) to work with and she really understands the market, especially in Santa Barbara.

One of my favorite things I loved about working with Sheila is that she made buying a house a learning experience. She took the time to explain everything to us. When we made our first offer on a house, she sat down with us and explained every single document we signed so it was clear to us what we were signing. She is very thorough, we never felt rushed and she made sure ALL our questions were answered.

We never felt pressured into buying a home which is something I half expected a realtor to do. In fact, she would recommend against putting in offers and hold out for something better which we did and now we are in our new home and couldn’t be happier!

I always felt like she gave us honest advice and that we could trust her. She is someone who I would definitely use again, when the time comes.

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Sheila is the most knowledgeable and tenacious realtor I know! This August I was looking for a home to purchase. Because it was toward the end of the summer, the real estate market was getting slim for the price range I was looking for. Sheila stayed on it! We went to see every house out there. And then Sheila suggested a different area that I had not thought of. Wow she was spot on. Once again Sheila found me exactly what I needed and wanted. As a matter of fact this is the third house she has found for me! Her mother, Mary, sold me my first house! Sheila has real estate in her genes. She is the agent that listens and can read her customer’s needs. She is brilliant when it comes to the negotiations and is quick to get the transaction to close. Sheila is the agent to get the job done quickly, efficiently and at the right price! Once again Sheila, Thank You! I absolutely love my new home.

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Sheila combines knowledge, responsiveness, and a great attitude. She was always there with a smile when we needed to look at a house or make an offer, and was patient and supportive.

She is very knowledgeable about the process, selling prices, and structural issues, and provided great advice when asked. She also turned out to be a great advocate for us when our mortgage broker made some missteps. I would recommend her highly.

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We cannot recommend Sheila enough! She was very knowledgeable, professional and positive throughout the entire process. Sheila makes each client feel like they are her only client, making time for face-to-face meetings and phone calls as much as needed.

She quickly handles any issue that may arise and treats every hurdle with the same urgency and priority, whether large or small. Her strong negotiation skills made us feel confident throughout the buying process and very satisfied with the result. Sheila is cheerful, energetic and a complete pleasure to work with!

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After moving from Arizona to California, I was fortunate to have Sheila as my agent while searching for a place to live in Santa Barbara and the surrounding areas. She was accommodating with my schedule and quick to offer new suggestions on a daily basis. Each time I requested to view a property, Sheila would pick me up shortly after the call or would eagerly meet me at the property. Her familiarity and knowledge of the region allowed for reliable and immediate feedback. Sheila was patient, friendly and candid. I quickly found the property I was looking for and Sheila and her team allowed for a seamless process. I consider Sheila a friend and will continue to work with him on future purchases.

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We asked Sheila to be our realtor because we were having trouble finding a house to move into. After we talked with Sheila, she understood what we wanted and knew exactly what houses to show us. She put us at ease and made it a stress free experience. Sheila started working with us right away. Sheila knows the area extremely well and showed us a long list of homes until we picked the one we liked in Santa Barbara,CA. It was a beautiful house in a great neighborhood with a in ground pool in the back yard. Without Sheila’s hard work, dedication and support we would have never found our dream home. Sheila was very kind and thoughtful and was always there to answer our questions. Her willingness to make us happy was exemplary. Sheila had a great attitude and should be an example for other realtors to emulate. She also worked very hard in getting us the best price for our house. We owe Sheila a huge debt of gratitude. She left us completely satisfied. We defiantly recommend Sheila Siegel as a realtor for anyone moving to the Santa Barbara area.

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I relocated from Southern California, spoke with Sheila while driving to SB; by the time we arrived in Santa Barbara, she already had a list of homes that matched our criteria PERFECTLY.

She was sympathetic to my family not moving out for a few months and even changed my opinion about house hunting! I consider her the best realtor I have ever worked with and now I would recommend her to anyone.

If you are looking for a realtor, words cannot say how knowledgeable she is about the area, how honest she is about what will work and why, and how persistent she is in getting what you want; treating your needs like her own.

My wife thinks the sun rises & sets with Sheila.

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The bottom line: Sheila helped sell our previous house and get us into our new dream home within 3 months. In a sluggish market, that’s quite a feat.

The sell of our previous house: Sheila was very effective in marketing our house. Her advice was right on. She provided thoughtful answers to all our inquiries, conducted research to substantiate her recommendations, and reacted swiftly to our requests. She was by our side at every stage of the process.

The purchase of our new home: Sheila was tireless in showing us potential homes. We visited on the order of five houses, some of them multiple times. Sheila offered her opinions, both positive and negative, and frequently pointed out features that we would have missed. She was engaged without being pushy. Sheila was a strong and capable partner in negotiations, and her intelligence served us well.

General comments: Sheila is quick to adapt to any changes in circumstance. Her commitment to us was clear throughout our interactions.

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Sheila Siegel was our realtor when we purchased our home in June 2013 in Santa Barbara. We had a tight budget and a big wishlist and Sheila helped us find just what we were looking for; a fixer-upper with good bones. Sheila was always prompt, responsive and helped us navigate a challenging and competitive real estate market. She also was great at helping us see all of our options in the market and sent us notice of new listings as soon as they came on the market. We will definitely use Sheila the next time we need a realtor.

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Sheila was amazing during the home buying process for my husband and I. She is full of energy and gives her honest opinion on the properties. I truly feel that Sheila was a perfect fit for my husband and I, I would recommend her for anyone who needs an agent. Sheila was very knowledgeable of the area and helped us narrow down the areas we were interested in and ultimately find the house that was right for us. Sheila has done an outstanding job on multuiple properties for us. She has limitless energy and a very creative thought process. You can trust Sheila with your property!

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We had a great experience with her. She’s very easy to chat with and clearly knows her profession’s ins and outs. Sheila is also a very good person who will look after her client’s best interest. The type of honesty she gives is not normal amongst realtors and we truly appreciated that.

We will definitely recommend her when our friends and families need a realtor. Sheila’s the best!

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Being out of state and needing a realtor for a home to sell in California I called Agent Ace to see if they had a possibility. I was asked what I was looking for and said I would hear back. I thought, “maybe”. Especially since I had left messages for a call back from a few realtors in the area of the home and had not gotten a call back yet after about 3 days. But within the hour I got a call back and was given Sheila’s name, her info and was asked if I wanted her to contact me, which she did, within moments after hanging up the phone! I went with her on that alone but it turned out to be an excellent choice. She did and was all the agency said and more, she accomplished for us what she said and smoothed out what could have been “problems”. She seemed to me one that I would choose as a friend and was actually sad it was all over and time to say “good bye”. She is a professional, yet with a personal regard for her clients. Sheila has also our highest regard! We would want her to sell for us again if the need arises or help us buy! I confidently give her a 5 star rating and do this for those looking for and needing her expertise.

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